Classical Dance Class at SuasanaIt is with deep concern that Suasana establishes this special classical dance class.  For the past twelve years, Suasana has successfully conducted special dance training programmes. These classes are opened to all ages and nationalities.

A special curriculum has been formulated which introduces the students to the major classical dance genres of our rich cultural heritage commencing from the very basic level, to the intermediate and finally moving to an advance stage of artistic expression. At the end of each level, a Certificate of Attendance will be presented to the deserving students. Ultimately, selected and talented students will have the opportunity to join the dance company or to participate in dance theatre performances organised by Suasana Cultural Centre and TV programmes.

Members of the public are welcome to join the Malay Classical Dance class and activities organised by the Centre.

“Dance to me is the language of movement.

 Each civilization has its own cultural personality that fills time and space.

Deeply embedded in our past are dance genre and dance style of motifs that were polished to perfection by Artists under Royal Court patronage.

Our distinct world is threatened by twentieth century processes” 

Azanin Ahmad


Fees (monthly)

Children (5 years to 12 years old)

 RM 160.00

Students (13 years old and above)

 RM 200.00

Working Adults

 RM 240.00

Duration of class: One hour per week per class.

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